Continuous support for families raising twins and triplets Training session at Aichi on August 31 at 21:45

Last year, a workshop for midwives and public health nurses was held in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, where an incident occurred in which the mother of a young triplet knocked her second son on the floor and raised twins and triplets. Many voices complained about the need for uninterrupted support for “home”.

This workshop was held last year in response to a case in which a mother who became depressed while raising three children in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, knocked her 11-month-old son on the floor and killed her. Approximately 70 people including nurses and public health nurses participated.

Among them, Professor Ritsuko Hattori of Gifu Prefectural College of Nursing, who is familiar with child-rearing in multiple families, said, “While mothers in multiple families are lacking sleep due to night crying and breastfeeding, they have accumulated fatigue, while twins and triplets are close to them. I tend to be isolated because I have no friends who are raising them.

In addition, Seiko Itoigawa, a representative of an NPO that supports multiple families, said, “In the case that happened in Toyota City last year, it was difficult for the mother to go out in the state of having three children, and the administration support The public health nurses must provide support that is appropriate for these families. "

One of the midwives who participated in the training said, “Even the same twins feel that the situation is completely different depending on the family. I want to listen to the mother's voice and provide support that suits that person.”