• WHO.The number of measles cases in the world has tripled
  • Vaccines: Four European countries, including the United Kingdom, are no longer free from measles

The Ministry of Health establishes in its common vaccination schedule that all those born since 1970 and who have not been vaccinated or have not had measles should go to their health center to be vaccinated.

It has been remembered this Saturday by the department that María Luisa Carcedo directs after this Friday health sources erroneously affirmed that the vaccine was advised to those born before 1970.

Health agrees with the recommendation of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology on who should be vaccinated who are between 40 and 50 years old if they are not sure that they have received the two necessary doses of the vaccine or have not had measles.

To this Spanish protocol on vaccination for those born since 1970, other measures could be added since the Ministry of Public Health of the Ministry is currently discussing with the communities to implement the Measles Prevention Plan with new ones.

There is a circumstance that this week a report has been known based on data from the 53 countries that make up the European area of WHO and that four countries have lost the status of having eradicated the disease ( United Kingdom , Albania , Czech Republic and Greece ), while two others ( Austria and Switzerland ) have reached it.

Regarding Spain, the WHO verified that it was a country free of the measles virus and Health described it as "success of the National Health System". It was then specified that the 233 measles cases confirmed in Spain between January 1 and July 21, 2019 are "imported or secondary cases to them" and the transmission "has been easily interrupted".

In Spain, the vaccination schedule includes triple viral ( rubella measles and mumps ) with two doses: one at 12 months and another at 3/4 years old, is recalled on the website of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics . And for any age: 2 doses, with an interval of at least one month between them (with very few contraindications, for example, pregnancy).

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