Recruitment of staff limited to “Employment Ice Age” 600 times magnification Hyogo Takarazuka August 31 8:19

Targeting the so-called “working ice age”, Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture recruited regular employees, and over 1,800 people applied for about 3 recruits. The city is busy dealing with increasing the number of venues for written examinations.

Takarazuka City recruited staff for people in their mid-30s to mid-40s to support generations who were unable to find jobs as they wanted during the "working ice age", and closed their acceptance on the 30th.

According to Takarazuka City, the number of applicants for “about 3 people” was 1816, and the ratio is expected to be over 600 times.

The city planned a written examination, which will be the first examination on September 22, and secured a venue where a maximum of 500 people could take the exam. This means borrowing facilities and universities.

Takako Nakagawa, Mayor of Takarazuka City, commented, “I strongly feel the need for this generation's support. I hope that similar efforts will spread to other local governments and companies.”