Cheap sale of tickets before the performance First opening in Japan Tokyo Shibuya August 29 16:44

A ticket store that originated in New York, USA, where you can purchase tickets for theatrical performances that are just around the corner, has opened in Shibuya, Tokyo for the first time in Japan.

We opened a ticket store called “TKTS,” which sells tickets for theaters and musicals on the same day and the next day at a discounted price on commission from the box office.

The store has been operating in New York since 1973, and the first store in Japan has begun business in front of Shibuya Hikarie in Shibuya, Tokyo on the 29th.

In the pre-opening ceremony, actors Shinya Kote and Ms. Narukawa cut the tape and experienced purchasing tickets.

According to the management company, about 10 performances such as the musical “West Side Story”, which has been performed in Japan since this month, tickets for the day and the next day are sold at a discount of 20% to 5%.

Also, there are tickets that are sold at a fixed price without discounts such as Kabuki.

Daigo Tsujimatsu, the managing director of the operating company, said, “I want to continue to develop it so that it will be familiar to not only Japanese people but also foreign tourists and lead to the development of the Japanese entertainment world. If it could lead to prevention, "he said.

“TKTS” is scheduled to open in Osaka Namba on the 5th of next month, and the management company wants to increase the number of performances.