Installed a great scarecrow of Mr. Kikuzo Yoshio Aomori August 29, 11:09

A big scarecrow from Aomori Prefecture singer Yoshizozo Yoshi was set up in Aomori City, before the event where scarecrows lined up along the national highway on the Tsugaru Peninsula.

The section that runs through the Tsugaru Peninsula from Aomori City on Aomori City to Atomorihama-cho, Aomori Prefecture, is known as the “Scarecrow Road” where residents along the road set up a unique scarecrow every fall.

Every year in Aomori City's Aburagawa, there is a huge scarecrow that is the symbol of this event along the “Scarecrow Road”, and it was set up before the event started.

Kotoshi's giant scarecrow was inspired by Gozo Kawahara, Aomori Prefecture singer Yoshizo Mizo, and was created by Nebuta teachers Renaki Kitamura.

The height of the scarecrow is as much as 5 meters, so I used the aerial work platform to lift the lower and upper body of the scarecrow with wires and place them on a pedestal close to 2 meters.

The scarecrow was fixed using a tool or wire, and the installation was completed in about an hour.

Mr. Yukio Nagai, Chairman of the Executive Committee, said, “I think it looks more like Mr. Yoshi than I thought. There are many scarecrows as well as symbol scarecrows, so I want many people to enjoy it.”

This event starts on the 1st of next month and means that about 550 bodies, the highest ever, will be colored along the roadside.