Consultation for children's troubles at "LINE" after summer vacation Tokyo August 29, 18:04

At the end of summer vacation, lawyers accept trouble consultations using the free communication app "LINE" and encourage children to use it casually.

This trouble counseling was held by a lawyer in the Tama area of ​​Tokyo because the number of children committing suicide increases around the summer vacation.

On the 29th, six lawyers answered questions on computers and smartphones at the office in Tachikawa.

Attorneys exchanged questions from children who were left out of their clubs in club activities and had concerns about human relations such as hardships, and because they had violent students in their classes and were afraid to go to school.

Mr. Daisuke Naruse, who was in charge of the consultation, said, "I want to send a message casually because I hear a wide range of stories as well as legal advice."

As for the consultation service, the account of “LINE” is “Lawyer LINE Consultation @ Tama” and will be accepted from 1 pm to 5 pm on the 30th.