Escape man 10 days gait found The last 4 days hidden in Kawasaki or August 28 17:03

A rough gait of a man who ran away from the Tokyo Police Hospital over a 10-day period was revealed by a security camera investigation. On the day of the runaway, after leaving Tokyo and changing between Nagoya and Osaka, I returned to Kawasaki City for the last four days, and I was interviewed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

On August 18, a Korean-registered suspected Kim Gen-ki (64) who escaped from Tokyo Police Hospital was secured in Tokyo and was arrested on the suspicion of stealing cash at a sushi store in Nakano Ward.

As a result of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department investigating security cameras and investigating suspected gold, a rough gait of a 10-day escape was revealed.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the suspect Kim escaped by changing buses and taxis and stayed at the Capsule Hotel in Kawasaki City on the same day, and recorded on the security camera on the 19th the next day at the home of JR Kawasaki Station. It has been done.

On the 20th of this month, in a case where cash was stolen at a pharmacy in Nagoya City, a person with similar characteristics was shown in the security camera in the surrounding area, and one hour later in the security camera at Kintetsu Nagoya Station. .

Regarding the subsequent steps, Kim suspected, “I stayed in a sauna in Kawasaki after having stayed in a sauna in Namba, Osaka for a few days, then hitchhiked to get to Kawasaki.” There is a suspicion of being hidden in Kawasaki city for four days.

On the other hand, the motive that escaped is not stated, and the Metropolitan Police Department investigates.

* Gen is a `` original ''