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Machismo and denialism


For a good populist, right-wing populist, there are two mandatory mandates: being macho and denying climate change. There are also for those on the left, but

For a good populist, right-wing populist, there are two mandatory mandates: being macho and denying climate change. There are also for those on the left, but this is not the case with Jair Bolsonaro. Easy trigger man in the networks, like his admired Donald Trump, the Brazilian president has come up this week to air those precepts when he has touched the most sacred, his territory, his sovereignty: America first , Brazil first . Bolsonaro has considered an interference that those of the G-7 would like to give him extra money to help put out the fires of the Amazon and has responded with a solvent argument to the promoter of such a daring invading proposal: to share the occurrence of one of his faithful followers, bolsominions they are called, who believes that envy corrodes Emmanuel Macron because his wife is 24 years older than him and Bolsonaro's, Michelle, 27 years younger. And by the way, Melania, Trump's, 24 years younger. For the answer, I retweet Macron: "What can I say? It's sad for him and for the Brazilians."

Tone output in machote plan, effective strategy to divert focus. But let's not lose the thread. And the focus is on fires, a plague in the Amazon at this time of the year, yes, but the satellites chivan us that from January to August there have been 85% more than in 2018. Chance, coincidence, but the Brazilian president announced in his investiture, in January, a more flexible environmental controls and more facilities for the agricultural and mining industry in the Amazon rainforest. Why not, if global warming is a hoax.

The Amazon is from Brazil, 65%, but it is also from Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela ... and the entire planet, which gives 20% of its oxygen. The environment does not understand physical boundaries, much less policies. A hundred years ago, after World War I, the League of Nations was born, an embryo of the UN, which was created after the second. Today, for the United Nations, the biggest challenge is no longer wars, it is climate change. From the Kyoto Protocol to the Paris Agreement, global solutions are sought. Brazil cannot be denied sovereignty over its territory, nor can its rulers manage their resources. What worries the rest of the planet is that their lungs are in the hands of a good populist that includes among its merits having a very young woman and denying climate change.

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