One month or more until consumption tax increase Poster distribution to stores eligible for point reduction August 28, 17:33

While it has been more than a month before the consumption tax rate has been raised, distribution of posters and stickers to be displayed at stores has been started so that consumers can understand the target store using the pointless system for cashless payments.

The point redemption system is a system in which a maximum of 5% can be returned with points, etc., for 9 months from October, when the consumption tax rate is raised, when paying with cashless payment such as credit cards at small and medium-sized stores.

Distribution of posters and stickers to be posted on the storefront so that consumers can see that the store is the target store began. I handed it directly to the store.

In addition to the point return rate that can be received at the store, the poster includes a cashless payment logo such as a credit card or QR code.

As of 21st of this month, more than 430,000 stores have applied for participation in the point reduction system, of which more than 180,000 have passed the review, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will map the target stores within the next month. We will make public the app that can be displayed above.

“I feel that the 11 shopping streets in Koenji are introducing cashless payments, so they are getting excited for the start of the point-reward system. I would like to make it easier for you to understand and promote a smooth start of business and success. "