• U.S. condemn Johnson & Johnson to pay nearly $ 600 million for the opioid epidemic

Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of the pain reliever that is said to be one of the main causes of the opioid addiction epidemic in the United States, offered between $ 10,000 and $ 12 billion to settle thousands of charges against it, the chain said Tuesday NBC television.

The company is in talks to reach a legal agreement in Cleveland, Ohio, before the start of a mass trial involving dozens of firms that are also accused of taking responsibility for the epidemic.

Purdue Pharma confirmed that it is participating in the talks but did not comment on the amount of compensation mentioned by NBC News.

In a statement, the pharmaceutical company said it is "prepared to defend itself vigorously," but stressed that it sees little benefit in years of "useless litigation and appeals."

"People and communities affected by the opioid crisis need help now. Purdue believes that a constructive and global resolution is the best way forward and is actively working with the state attorney general and other plaintiffs to achieve this goal." .

This negotiation is known one day after another large pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), was found guilty in the first trial of opioid producers and distributors who are responsible for more than 400,000 overdose deaths in less than 20 years.

An Oklahoma court ordered J&J to indemnify the state for $ 572 million for its role in fueling the crisis.

In that state, Purdue had reached an agreement before the case went to trial and agreed in March to pay 270 million dollars.

The Ohio case brings together about 3,200 cases filed by states, cities, towns and tribes of Native Americans, claiming tens and possibly hundreds of billions of dollars in compensation.

The plaintiffs argue that companies in the opioid production and distribution chain hid the dangers of their drugs and failed to control over-prescription until it became clear that millions of Americans had generated dependency.

In 2017 alone, opioids caused more than 47,000 deaths from overdoses.

Purdue Pharma is owned by the wealthy Sackler family. In recent months, institutions such as the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate Gallery in London, the Metropolitan Museum and the Guggenheim in New York renounced family donations due to this controversy.

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