Narita Airport Customs face authentication gate Available to foreigners August 27th 18:21

At Narita Airport, foreigners will be able to use the gate passage system that utilizes face authentication, etc., which is used in customs procedures when bringing luggage from overseas, which will help to increase the congestion of tourists, etc. It is expected.

When a foreigner tries to enter the customs inspection area at Narita Airport, he / she has to fill out a form to check whether there are any prohibited items in the baggage he / she has brought to the customs office. There were many things that could be done.

For this reason, Customs has improved the system using facial recognition technology, etc., installed at Terminal 3 of Narita Airport so that foreigners can use it.

The user obtains a QR code by entering the content of the baggage brought into the smartphone application using the waiting time until the received baggage is received, and loads it into the dedicated terminal at the inspection site together with the passport.

At that time, a face photo is also taken, so when you pass the gate with your luggage, face authentication is automatically performed and you can head to the exit if there is no problem.

A 27-year-old Korean man said, “I go back and forth between Korea and Japan several times a year because of my job.

The head of the Tokyo Customs Narita Customs Branch, Takaaki Shinjo, said, “The pass of the gate itself takes only 5 seconds, and it will help reduce stress for users.”