After his recent concert in the northern coast of Egypt, and the appearance of improper appearance, the artist Mohamed Ramadan was subjected to a new crisis, and was implicated by the musician's syndicate artist Hani Shaker, where a lawyer issued an official warning against Shaker, for issuing a singing permit through the syndicate to the actor Mohamed Ramadan.

The veto lawyer and the Supreme Constitutional Tarek Mahmoud, the Council of Musicians Syndicate, demanded an urgent decision to stop Ramadan from singing, and not to authorize him to hold any concerts or practice singing.

Mohammed Ramadan recently held a concert in the new city of El Alamein on the northern coast, according to a statement issued by the syndicate «although the actor is not a singer nor is restricted to the Musicians Syndicate because his voice lacks professional and technical standards to allow him to practice singing, and despite the union to prevent singers of festivals to sing for the same reasons» According to the lawyer who added in the ultimatum, "Ramadan appeared in his last concert on the stage in inappropriate clothes ... which is considered an abusive and unresponsive facade of Egyptian art," describing what the actor did on the stage with unacceptable regret, which was met with great dissatisfaction with the people. Egyptian, and wholly incompatible With the principles and values ​​of Egyptians.

Although it is the first time that a direct official warning has been given to the Musicians Syndicate, specifically its captain Hany Shaker because of Mohamed Ramadan, the syndicate has remained silent.

Informed sources said that the artist Hani Shaker in a state of extreme anger from Ramadan, because he drew his attention more than once the need to stay away from dressing so as not to put the union in an awkward position. He also warned him after the problems of his penultimate ceremony to abide by Egyptian traditions, but Ramadan did not.

In response to the confrontations suffered by the syndicate and the anger of Hani Shaker, and refraining from talking, some of the union officials went out to defend the position of the musicians syndicate, and some stressed that Ramadan sings legally, and obtained a temporary permit, in addition to being a member of an associate union «representative professions» . The Association of Musicians is not responsible for the fashion of the artists' looks.