Participation in Kyoani Aya Sato's “Sound! Euphonium” August 27th, 19:07

Aya Sato (43), who died in the event that the studio of “Kyoto Animation” was set to fire, was born in Otsu City, and the TV animation “Sound! I was involved in a number of works, such as “Shape”), and was in charge of videos that expressed the movement of characters. In July, Sato's father told NHK that he was a proud daughter of a world-class job.

Classmate "Unbelievable"

A 43-year-old woman who was a classmate in elementary and junior high school with Sato said, “I think it was a serious child with an impression of gentleness and kindness. I was talking.

A junior high school homeroom teacher

The man who was in charge when Mr. Sato was in junior high school was talking about his impressions at that time, "I was a good talker and talked well with me.

The cover of the junior high school graduation collection is a picture of Sato-san depicting two students with rich expressions. In the collection, Sato-san writes “painting” as a hobby.

The man said, “It was memorable that I was good at paintings. I asked some of the pictures to be put on the cover of the collection, but it was the best, so I made it as a cover. ”I heard that I was involved in the animation work, and I was convinced that it ’s true.