years wait, the magazine has already applied this system to 108 products classified into 8 families of detergents.

The monthly "60 million consumers" pleads on Tuesday for a better identification of toxic substances or dangerous for the environment on the packaging of household products, petition in support

Disinfectants and wipes useless? On the model of the "Nutri-Score" for food products, which several European consumer associations wish to make mandatory, the magazine proposes a new scoring system for the potential risks of detergents and other household cleaners intended for the maintenance of the house. This "Ménag'Score" would not be "a simple survey of some of the most problematic substances but a calculation of global chemical risk taking into account the threats of each ingredient to health and the environment", explains the monthly, published by the National Institute of Consumption (INC). In order for it to be adopted as soon as possible by manufacturers, "60 million consumers" has launched a petition that has already been signed by more than 16,000 people on its website.

Without delay, the magazine has already applied this system to 108 products classified in 8 families of detergents, based on their "composition displayed" and "without taking into account their effectiveness": multi-surface liquids, wipes, sprays for the kitchen and the bathroom, mops, floor cleaners, toilet gels, etc. With sometimes radical results: thus, the monthly estimates "useless" the disinfectants and the wipes, advises those containing bleach because presenting risks for the eyes or the respiratory ways and judges "very polluting" the blocks for toilets.