The writer, who shares the poster of Guillaume Nicloux's latest film with Gérard Depardieu, is not at his first attempt.


The cast, impressive, is on view since Wednesday: in Thalasso , the latest film by Guillaume Nicloux, Gerard Depardieu rubs the writer Michel Houellebecq. An author with a rare but not original presence: the novelist is also an actor.

Two short films and an adaptation

Because Michel Houellebecq loves cinema. He took classes at the Louis Lumière school, made two short films, and even tried to adapt, without too much success, his novel The Possibility of an Island .

But where the writer is astonishing is his talent as an actor. He played in Saint Amour , notably, Gustave Kervern and Benoit Delépine. In The Abduction of Michel Houellebecq, still by Guillaume Nicloux, he played his own role with his characteristic disillusioned nonchalance.

Submission , soon to the cinema?

Same principle in Thalasso, where the writer interprets his own character. "I can assure you that it takes a lot of fun to play the game of this filmic exploration," says the director to Europe 1, referring to "this little internal kitchen that allows us to be in something very true . "

And the writer and the director have not finished collaborating: Guillaume Nicloux plans to adapt Soumission , Michel Houellebecq's novel.