Former Director of Regenerative Medicine Clinic pointed out evasion of withholding income tax National Tax Bureau August 24, 14:52

Former director of regenerative medicine clinic in Tokyo disguised the evasion of withholding income tax from the Tokyo National Tax Service as disguised as advertising expenses to a company established in Tax Haven with the salary of two employed doctors I was able to find out through interviews with the people concerned.

Dr. Takaaki Matsuoka, the director of “Omotesando Helene Clinic”, who is engaged in regenerative medicine in Minato-ku, Tokyo, pointed out that the Tokyo National Tax Bureau has evaded collection.

According to officials, former director Matsuoka founded two doctors employed at the clinic to establish a company in Tax Haven, and was spending expenses in the name of advertising expenses.

However, the Tokyo National Tax Bureau determined that this company was an intangible paper company and disguised some of the salary of doctors as advertising expenses, and pointed out the evasion of withholding income tax. Taxation is about 25 million yen in 3 years.

In addition, Mr. Matsuoka, who has not filed domestic salary and stock dividends from a company established in Singapore, has applied the “tax haven countermeasure tax system” to prevent tax evasion overseas. However, it is pointed out that about 100 million yen is missing.

In response to NHK's interview, former director Matsuoka commented, “We have already filed an amendment for tax payment in response to an indication from the national tax authorities,” and “I apologize for causing great inconvenience to everyone.” .