German psychiatrist Manfred Buettel, who suffers from panic attacks and panic attacks, advised some measures that help them to cope, pointing out that panic attacks occur in danger situations and in the case of severe psychological tension, and associated with physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, severe sweating, trembling and shortness of breath, and often last for 10 minutes to 30 minutes, and in rare cases may last longer.
Butel said panic attacks can affect anyone at any age, noting that women are more likely to have panic attacks, which are among the disorders of fear and anxiety.
On how to cope with panic attacks, Boitel explained that one who suffers from panic attacks frequently should incorporate relaxation techniques into his daily life - yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation and self-stimulation.
He cautioned against taking tranquilizers because they relieve symptoms in the short term, but they do not represent a radical solution to the problem.
If these measures do not work in the face of panic attacks, then you can resort to psychological treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy, in which the patient faces the cause of fear and learn to fight it.