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Letizia and the low cost monarchy

"You don't know how he gets it!" It tells me more than one Letizia Watcher (LW). HM the queen, even being unaccounted for, generates news as has happened twice this week.

The first has been that the German television network ZDF has made a documentary about it that will air this Saturday. It is part of a series dedicated to young royal consorts that will include Máxima de Holanda and Matilde from Belgium.

It is always interesting to observe how foreigners see our country and, above all, the Spanish royal family, as I have written on many occasions. Their opinions and ours are usually diametrically opposed and can generate a certain hilarity, even. Like, for example, the great love that Mrs. Letizia professes to Mallorca in which many rosy magazines insist.

The question is whether the program will be "scented with rose water" or if it will be really critical and, if so, the comparisons between the three consorts can be odious and even bother us.

I was interviewed many years ago by a Dutch television network that was attracted by the story of Cinderella who had fallen in love with the prince. At that time I was wonderfully dressed by Lorenzo Caprile author of his "trousseau" and I think it was because of that program that I decided to write "I will dress you like a queen", published months later by Topics Today. I started with Empress Eugenie of France discovering Charles Frederick Worth by the hand of Paulina Metternich and I ended up with Mrs. Letizia who was starting to entrust all her wardrobe to Felipe Varela .

The second news that really is a report, was the appearance yesterday of two pages in the weekly Gallo "Point de Vue ", which includes a survey of Sigma Two about our royal family published a few days ago by Hello! which they titled 'A custom queen'. They could have saved it.

Speaking to my Letizia Watchers who would pay anything for some photos of the "idol" in an unknown whereabouts dressed in what the French seamstresses of yesteryear called "les petites robes pour la plage", they say sadly that he will not release anything in the rentrée, reserving for important events such as the Princess of Asturias awards.

One, very sensible she, tells me that the queen should support "yes or yes" to the sale of books in our country. If the offers of brands like Zara and Mango are sold out when she carries them, the same would happen if we saw her with a book of recognizable title sticking out of the bag.

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