Arrested a woman who escaped after the sentence was finalized Metropolitan Police Department August 22, 19:01

A woman who had escaped after being sentenced to a prison sentence in June due to scams, and was missing herself, was secured in Tokyo on the 22nd. There were no criminal penalties for such a runaway, and the Metropolitan Police Department arrested on suspicion of submitting counterfeit documents during the trial.

Arrested by Anri Namiki (29), whose address and occupation are unknown.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there is a suspicion of submitting a forged medical certificate to the Tokyo High Court since February last year, which had been tried, for being scammed for fraud, etc. It is held.

At that time, on bail, the Metropolitan Police Department decided to postpone the date of the judgment and try to avoid prison detention.

After that, a prison sentence was finalized in June, but he escaped and lost his way.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department found a suspected Namiki in Tokyo on the 22nd and secured his personality. However, there was no criminal punishment that assumed such a runaway, and he was arrested on charges of documents submitted during the trial.

Namiki suspects have denied the arrest charges.

According to the Ministry of Justice, after the prison sentence was finalized, there were 26 former defendants who fled to avoid being held in prison at the end of last year.