On Thursday morning commute, there is a lot of rain in the south of Chungcheong.

Heavy rain alarms are in force in Gochang, Jeonbuk. In addition, heavy rain storms are spilling over 30mm per hour while heavy rain warnings are in effect throughout South Chungcheong.

It will continue to rain until the afternoon of today (22nd).

Seoul, Gyeonggi and Gangwon-do sometimes have only a lot of clouds, but there are places where heavy rains of more than 100mm are pouring, especially in the southern regions and Jeju, so please be careful not to cause any damage.

Today, the metropolitan area and Chungcheong may temporarily increase the fine dust concentration.

Daytime temperatures are expected to be 30 degrees in Seoul, 30 degrees in Daegu, and 28 degrees in Busan and Ulsan.

From tomorrow to weekend, sometimes there will be a lot of clouds all over the country.

(Jeon So-young Weathercaster)