Two days ago, the process of registering candidates for the FNC elections began in continuous steps to strengthen the democratic process in the country. These elections give the opportunity for the largest segment of citizens to participate, whether through candidacy or by voting for candidates.

This cycle is supposed to be more mature in terms of both the candidate and the voter. No candidate can make the promises that are unbelievable, senseless, or the electoral program that he knows is inapplicable.

The power of the Council will be of the quality of the members it represents.The member is supposed to be familiar with the laws, discuss objectively, know what he has and what is required of him towards the homeland, propose topics of interest to the largest segment of citizens, and stand with the public interest away from any personal interest.

Anyone who arrives to the Council must be aware that he is a representative of the people of the United Arab Emirates, who has no place for a sect, sect or party, and not affiliated with the federal government, the emirate, or a certain region or tribe. All members are equal under the dome of the Council. And his thoughts towards any issue or project.

The National Assembly needs full-time members who do not combine several positions.

On the other hand, a voter who is keen on his country away from tribalism when voting, does not vote for a candidate because he is from the same tribe or lived with him in the same Freij, or because he watches with him in the same place, the right criterion in the vote to be the best and most worthy and sincere and able to discuss issues And the concerns of society, and to serve its homeland with dedication, sincerity and impartiality.

In short, the field, O Humaidan, anyone who wants to stand for election, and who will exercise the right to vote must be aware and know that his voice is honest, and the interest of the nation is above the interest of any object, even if his brother from his mother and father.

The National Assembly needs full-time members who do not combine several positions.

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