Mt. Asama: Resuming eruption warning level to resume tourism facilities at the base August 19:09

As the eruption warning level of Mt. Asama was lowered, the staff at the tourist facility in Tsumagoi Village, Gunma Prefecture, at the foot of the mountain, decided to reopen the business on the 20th.

The tourist facility “Asamaen” in Tsumagoi Village is operated by the neighboring Naganohara Town, which is about 4 km north of the crater of Mt. Asama.

As a small eruption occurred on Mt. Asama this month and access was restricted within a range of about 4 km from the crater, the business was conducted after evacuating more than 20 guests at the campsite in the park. I was waiting.

On the 19th, the eruption warning level was lowered from “3” to “2”, and in response to the reduction of the restricted area from the crater to about 2 km, the staff carried out inspection work on the equipment.

The staff will look around the facilities and the promenade in the park, and after confirming that there is no impact from volcanic ash, etc., on the 19th, reopening the business except for campsites that have been outsourced to the private sector Decided.

“Kenji Shiono, head of Asamaen, said,“ It was only lightly volcanic ash on the day, so it rained and there was no problem at all.