Shipment of strawberries for agricultural regeneration begins Fukushima Okuma-cho August 19 17:36

In Okuma, Fukushima, where evacuation orders due to the nuclear accident were lifted in part this spring, shipments of strawberries grown at plant factories for the regeneration of agriculture began.

In Fukushima Okuma-cho, the evacuation order was canceled in the spring, and a plant factory that grows strawberries using national grants was developed, and the strawberries that began growing in May are now in harvest. The

On the 19th, people gathered to celebrate the first shipment that started this month and put scissors on the tape.

The varieties called “Suzu Akane” are shipped, and strawberries are distributed mainly for business use, such as being attached to cakes.

All radioactive materials are tested and sold through a distributor in Sendai.

The plant factory manages the temperature and water under computer control and can be grown all year round. From autumn to next spring, the popular “Tochiotome” and Fukushima Prefecture's original variety “Fukuharu incense” A total of five types of strawberries are planned to be shipped.

Mayor Toshinori Watanabe of Okuma Town, who tasted strawberry, “The agriculture that was a key industry in the nuclear power plant accident was deeply damaged. Thanks to the people who help me, I would like people all over the country to eat Okuma's strawberries. "