After the lousy results in the different elections held in spring - in which we left much of its parliamentary and territorial power - the leadership of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero has begun to break down . The programmatic and leading differences represented a profound split in Madrid, which ended with the creation of a new party, headed by Iñigo Errejón , and, as this newspaper has been publishing, something similar could happen in Andalusia, thanks to Teresa Rodríguez and José María González , Kichi , mayor of Cádiz. Anticapitalistas, the current that Rodriguez heads, justifies its rupture, in addition to the bad results, in the distrust of the bases before Iglesias, which they accuse of an accommodative drift that still has resulted in a failure due to the inability to reach an agreement with Sánchez.

These movements are revealing that Podemos, more than a party, is an aimless movement formed by opposing ideological currents and endless tides with diverse interests. Iglesias, more concerned about his future than that of the organization, is embodying the disenchantment of thousands of voters who believed in his sincere intentions of political regeneration.

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