Since the announcement of the film «Fantasy Matta» in the films screened during the Eid al-Adha season this year; crises have been working and its hero Ahmed Helmy, who returns after three years, in a strange way has raised the question of many fans of the Egyptian star, as well as those interested in cinema And filmmaking. Some considered it "systemic crises" and an attempt to distort "our dream," in the words of a professor in the media, saw that my dream achieved the difficult equation, and persuaded its followers that he would enter the cinema to see a work that does not bother the viewer and his children.

The beginning of the crises, came hours after the screening of the video trailer of the film, where the audience expressed my dream on social media for their happiness in the film, expecting to compete strongly with other films, especially as the only comedy among the works on display, while others engaged in criticizing the film for the similarity of his story with The famous series «La Casa de Babylon» in their opinion.

The second crisis came with the first day of Eid al-Adha. The film was scheduled to arrive in theaters at 10 am on the first day of Eid, according to the company statement, but it was delayed due to sound problems in the film. Eid, which gave way to the films «Awlad Rizk 2» and «Blue Elephant 2» to capture the Eid audience and achieve the highest revenues.

At the beginning of the screening «Fantasy Mata» witnessed a large popular turnout, and carried theaters that display the slogan «full number», at the same time social networking sites witnessed a sharp split between the category of attacking the film strongly and describes it as weak, and considers that Helmy took the path of the artist Mohamed Saad In repeating himself and consuming his talent without delivering important content.

Another group considered that the film carries a new thought and is suitable for families because it is free of scenes, suggestions and outgoing phrases, and described the work as beautiful. Critics have also been divided.

For his part, the star Ahmed Helmi remained silent, or respond in a diplomatic way, as happened when a user of «Twitter» «the film is a monster, my dream», he replied: «I wish you liked, Darsh». In response to a question about who manages the star account on «Twitter», he said: «I am my dream .. I do not addicted .. I addicted myself». The imagination of Mata received support and encouragement from a number of artists and filmmakers.

A new crisis exposed to «fantasy of death» three days after the presentation of piracy and the leakage of a high-quality version on many websites, which caused the confusion of many, which led to the decline of film revenues to the third place after he was in second place and a strong candidate for revenue And get to first place.

Proud of the experience

The crises of “Imagination of Mata” were not limited to technical problems and wide variations in the viewers' reactions, but faced a serious crisis with the writer Nihal Samaha's announcement on her Facebook account that the film was stolen from the story of a film that was presented to the artist Mona Zaki, wife of Ahmed Helmy , Earlier. While Helmi remained silent, the author of the film Abdul Rahim Kamal, the author of the film «Treasure 2», which also competes in the same season, tweeted on his Twitter account in which he expressed his pride in the experience, and thanked everyone who contributed to his industry.

He also published a photo of him with Ahmed Helmy, and news that the film's revenues exceeded 17 million Egyptian pounds in three days.

14 Information

In response to Ahmed Helmy's accusation of stealing the film, Mohamed Helmy, a media professor at Helwan University, published a post on his Facebook account titled “14 Information Denying Stealing a Fantasy”, in which he said: “Ahmed Helmy is far from Steal the idea of ​​a movie. Ahmed Helmy For me and for a lot of people of our generation is Ahmed dreams not Ahmed dreams ».

Fathi listed 14 accounts of the theft allegations, including the fact that Helmi has been working on a "fantasy of death" for more than three years.

He stressed that the date of my dream attests to him, and during 25 films made by no one accused him of stealing, or that he smeared his idea, or laughed at him, or eat his right.

team work

Ahmed Helmy is co-starring Mena Shalaby, Khaled El Sawy, Bayoumi Fouad, Hassan Hosni, Lotfi Labib, and Abdul Rahman Abu Zuhra.

• 17 million Egyptian pounds achieved by the film in three days after its release in the Eid al-Adha season.