"Flowing Shishamo" to seals Oita Aquarium August 19th 11:15


Oita City's aquarium is popular with tourists, as it offers a summer-limited event where you can feed a shishamo of food into a bamboo tube with somen noodles and let the seal seal eat it.

This event is the first time that the aquarium “Omitamago” in Oita City is going to be in the summer vacation for the first time to experience feeding the popular seal with a seal.

In the outdoor pool, the family is allowed to feed five seals by feeding the shishamo of the bait into a half-bamboo cylinder in the same way as a noodle soup.

Seals competed for shishamo flowing down into the pool, and visitors visited the photos of a rare sight of “shikashi shishamo” that was not “nagashi somen”.

A 4th grade elementary school girl in Kitakyushu, who experienced feeding, said, “I enjoyed feeding fish by feeding. I was able to feed small seals, so I want to do it again.”

“Umitamago” curator, Yasunori Hamada, who is in charge of this corner, said, “Since it is a summer vacation, I planned a cool feeding. I was talking.

This event is held twice a day, in the morning and afternoon, throughout August.