On the embankment that protects the town from the tsunami, restaurants, etc. are opened. Miyagi Ishinomaki Aug. 19, 0:00

In order to create a bustle in the center of Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, which was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, some of the restaurants and restaurants that were built together with the riverside embankment began, and a commemorative ceremony was held.

Along the former Kitakami River, which flows through Ishinomaki City, the city is trying to create a bustle in the center by building a dike that protects the town from damage such as tsunami and a waterside space where people gather.

For this reason, a 200-meter section centered on commercial facilities on the embankment will be used as a commercial space for restaurants to operate, and a commemorative ceremony was held this month as some restaurants began operating. It was

On May 18, after the Mayor of Ishinomaki City Mayor Kameyama made a tape cut and celebrated the opening, attendees enjoyed the barbecue.

And in the commercial space, residents came to restaurants that started operating with kitchen cars, etc., and bought tapioca drinks.

A woman in her 60's in Ishinomaki said, “I feel that reconstruction is progressing when these restaurants open. I'm happy if there are still fewer stores in the city, so I would like more.”

Ishimaki City Mayor Kameyama said, “I would like to use the embankment created after the earthquake as a way to connect the city and river more than ever before.”