A man who rescued the river died Yamanashi Nanbu-cho August 18 18:04

Before noon on the 18th, I found out where the relatives of the eleven-year-old boy who was drowning in the river in Nanbu-cho, Yamanashi was rescued, and then died in the river.

Around 11:20 am on the 18th, there was a report from the nearby firefighters on the Fukushi River in Nanbu Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, saying that “a child and a man were washed away by the river”.

According to the police and fire department, when a 11-year-old boy playing in the river drowned, his father and relatives men went to rescue.

Soon after the boy was rescued by his father, there was no difference in his life, but his relatives, Mr. Hideaki Takahashi (47), a company employee living in Shizuoka, lost his knowledge. It was found that they died in

The site is downstream of the cough upstream of the Fukushi River, which is about 3 meters deep. On the 18th, the police are investigating the details of the fact that eight of the relatives came to play.