In a quick look under the spotlight; the retired artist Jihan Nasr surprised the audience of the play of King Lear for the first time in years after her retirement, as she attended - accompanied by her four children - the performance starring Yahya Al Fakharani.

Jihan appeared in the veil behind the scenes of working with actress Heba Magdy, one of the protagonists of the play, which is shown on the stage in the Fifth District in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

Hiba Magdy published pictures collected by Ceyhan on her account on the site «Instagram», and commented on: «The most beautiful surprise Embarah got in the presentation of King Lear I saw the star Jihan Nasr and her children». Theatrical King Lear starring Yahya Al - Fakharani, Rania Farid Shawky, Heba Magdy, Mohamed Mezraban and Ahmed Fouad Selim.

The appearance of Jihan Nasr in the scenes of the work of art and the company of her children raised questions, especially on social networking sites, as comments pointed out that Jihan does not deprive art or boycott because of her retirement, but still respected.

Ceyhan's appearance is not her first, as she appeared with her children two years ago, and posed for her pictures while she was in hijab. She also received great acclaim from her audience. She also appeared on an old visit to one of the stars during his illness, the artist Younis Shalabi. Before he died. Jihan retired from art in 1997 and wore the hijab, married a Saudi businessman, and retired at his request, and did not retreat despite the many offers.

It is noteworthy that Jihan Nasr has risen in the world of art since the beginning of the 1990s with small roles and model advertising and video clips until she got real opportunities led to the emergence of her star, and participated in the championship of works of art have achieved success throughout the nineties, and evolved to get the starring role in more than one work also in Television, cinema and theater also, the most prominent of which was the series «Money and sons 2», which the public commented in turn, and praised her talent and beauty, in addition to the series «Who does not like Fatima», and «special secrets». In the cinema, however, Jihan Nasr did not get important tournaments or roles, as she was limited to small roles in some films, such as: "Kit Kat", "Love in Taba," and "The Search for Tutankhamun."

Although some expected a great technical future for her, her marriage, which was conditional on her retirement, prevented her from completing her artistic activity and retiring early, but she remained as an influential artist in the memory of her fans and fans.

Unlike many stars, and despite the many offers on them, Jihan Nasr did not retreat from "retirement."


The year Jihan Nasr retired from art after marrying a businessman.