A large fishing boat departs for saury fishing Miyagi Kesennuma August 17 12:21


The saury fishing boats departed all at once from Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, which is one of the nation's largest fishing grounds.

The saury fishing boat based at Kesennuma Port has been fishing off the coast of Hokkaido since late August, and on the 17th, 12 large fishing boats of 100 tons or more left for Hokkaido on the front line base.

While fishing boats carrying a large fishing flag headed to the sea, the locals struck a dashing drum and wished for safe voyage and great fishing, and the sailors' family waving their hands apart.

A woman in her twenties who came to see her husband said, "I want you to take a lot of saury, but I want you to come home with more safety."

Regarding saury fishing, the amount of landings in the country has been about half of the previous year for the four years until last year, but according to an announcement by the Fisheries Agency last month, the amount of saury that came to Japanese fishing grounds was low. It is expected to be lower than last year.

Mr. Nakatsuo Nakayama, No. 81 Toyoseimaru, said, “There are harsh predictions that there are few saury, but I want to do my best to support the people who came to see them off.