Expected heavy traffic congestion on the 18th following the U-turn rush on the highway August 17th 19:04

On the 17th, the last weekend of the Bon Festival, the highways in each area continue to be congested with U-turn rush of people who spent their homes and resorts.

According to the Japan Road Traffic Information Center, as of 6pm, both are on the up line.
▽ Chuo Expressway is 19 km starting from the small Buddha tunnel near the border between Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture.Meishin Expressway is 19 km starting from Kusatsu Junction in Shiga Prefecture.Tohoku Expressway is Kamikawachi service area in Tochigi Prefecture. 19km starting from the neighborhood ▽ Tomei Expressway is 13km starting from the Yamato Tunnel in Kanagawa Prefecture.

According to highway companies, heavy traffic congestion is expected on the up line on the 18th.
▽ Tomei Expressway around 4 pm, 30 km starting from the Yamato tunnel in Kanagawa Prefecture, leading 30 km ▽ Kanetsu Expressway around 5:00 pm, heading near the Takasaka service area in Saitama Prefecture ▽ Chuo Expressway going to the afternoon Around 4 o'clock in front of the small Buddha tunnel 25 km ▽ Meishin Expressway is expected to be around 20 o'clock in the vicinity of Ichinomiya Interchange in Aichi Prefecture around 4 pm.

Highway companies are calling for the latest information on websites.