Summer is returning to the Russian capital. By the beginning of next week, the air temperature will rise above +20 ° С, and by the middle of the week it will exceed +26 ° С. This was stated by a leading specialist of the weather center "Phobos" Evgeny Tishkovets.

“From Monday, August 19, this summer will begin to come back to us ... On Tuesday and Wednesday no precipitation is expected, there will be a lot of sun and just a frantic rise in the temperature background,” he told RT.

According to his forecast, on August 19, +10 ... + 15 ° С is expected at night, during the day - +21 ... + 26 ° С. The night temperature on August 20 will be +11 ... + 16 ° С, and during the day the thermometer columns will rise to +23 ... + 28 ° С. And already on Wednesday, August 21, the daily temperature can reach almost +30 ° C. At the same time, Tishkovets warned that in Moscow the air temperature warms up to +27 ... + 29 ° С.

“That is, it is not worth saying that 30-degree heat will come to Moscow. After all, we always have in mind the median value of gradation. If I say +25 ... + 30 ° С, then in Moscow it is somewhere +27 ... + 29 ° С. And +30 ° C, maybe it will be somewhere, but with a very big stretch, ”said the weather forecaster.

Hot weather will last in Moscow all week, the specialist of the Phobos center promised. “The only thing is that on Thursday, August 22, a cold front will slip and bring short downpours with thunderstorms. This will bring the temperature down to +23 ... + 28 ° С. And on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the day, an average of + 19 ... + 24 ° C is expected, ”he said.

Survive the rain

However, in order to “deserve” the arrival of heat, Muscovites will first have to survive the onset of the Black Sea cyclone. It can provoke a large amount of rainfall in the capital, added Eugene Tishkovets.

“First, in Moscow, more than a third of the monthly rainfall will fall in the coming days. The route of the Black Sea cyclone, which will bring heavy rains, will go through the metropolitan region. The most inclement weather is expected on the evening of Saturday, August 17, and on the night of Sunday, August 18. In total, 25-30 mm may fall, which is more than a third of the monthly norm in August, ”the source told RT.

According to him, the rains will begin to weaken on Sunday afternoon, and by the evening they will stop altogether. “With the beginning of next week, on Monday, the initiative will already pass to the Scandinavian anticyclone,” the Phobos specialist summed up.

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In anticipation of the fall

The chief specialist of the Moscow Weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova agreed with the forecast of her colleague. However, in her opinion, such temperatures can linger up to ten days.

“If such weather were in the beginning of summer, then we could say that yes, all summer ahead. And we, unfortunately, have autumn. The only thing that can be said is that September, according to the preliminary forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center, promises to be warm. Therefore, it is possible that such warm weather will be delayed by at least ten days, ”Pozdnyakova told RT.

As the specialist recalled, the Moscow Weather Bureau said earlier that the first half of August will be cold, while its second half will be pleased with the heat. “Cold weather was associated with cyclones, which brought us rain and cold air with a north wind. Now the weather will be determined by the western anticyclone, which will bring us warm air, ”Tatyana Pozdnyakova explained.

Yuri Varakin, the head of the Roshydromet situational center, turned out to be more restrained in promises. He expressed confidence that the heat will return to the capital for only three days. Moreover, the most comfortable temperatures will be observed in the South - South-West of Moscow Region - in Serpukhov, Kashira, Zaraysk.

“Already at the end of the week, especially on Saturday and Sunday, it will get colder again, and the temperature will be slightly below normal. At night, the temperature will be around +15 ... + 18 ° С, ”said Varakin RT.

Rain curtain

Note that last week weather forecasters warned Muscovites about the "weather mini-collapse." Its cause was called the arrival of the Atlantic cyclone, because of which the city and the region had to cover the rains. In this regard, the Hydrometeorological Center announced a “yellow” level of weather hazard for the capital region. According to the weather forecasting map, the warning in the capital concerned a thunderstorm, and in the region, thunderstorms, rain, fog and wind.

In general, the last two summer months, residents of the central part of Russia did not indulge in heat. As weather forecasters noted, the temperature for this time of year is below the norm by 7–9 ° C and more consistent with the autumn indicators. So, on August 4 and 5 they became the coldest since 1948.

And in July, the average air temperature in Moscow was + 16.8 ° С, which is almost 1.5 ° С lower than the climatic norm. “The last time such a cold mid-summer was here in 1985,” it was stated in a message on the website of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia.