The inland area of ​​Kanto Koshin continues to be particularly wary on August 17 6:06 on August 17

The heat wave continues on the 17th, especially in eastern and western Japan.
In the inland area of ​​Kanto Koshin, it is expected to be particularly hot, so be wary of heat stroke and take sufficient measures.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the temperature is expected to rise in a wide range of western and eastern Japan on the 17th, with the highest temperature during the day being 38 degrees in Saitama City, 37 degrees in Kofu City, and 36 degrees in the city center of Tokyo and Kyoto City. It is expected to be 35 degrees in Fukui City and Okayama City, and it is expected to be extremely hot especially in the inland area of ​​Kanto.

Be wary of heat stroke, take water frequently, avoid violent exercise outdoors, and take sufficient measures such as using air conditioning indoors.