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"No one has the right to judge anyone and less in public," said Mezzosoprano Teresa Berganza on EFE statements on Thursday about the testimonies of several women who accuse the tenor Plácido Domingo of sexual harassment in the 80s.

"Nobody has the right to judge anyone without knowing what has happened. I am very sorry for Placido because I love him and he is my friend," said the artist. The AP agency published on Monday night an information according to which eight singers and a dancer - all anonymously except one - denounced that they had suffered sexual harassment, accusations to which he responded in the same medium that he always believed his " "e" interactions were "welcome and consensual".

"Let them air the private life of a person in all the media in the world ... I do not want to give my opinion because I have never done so. I do not give my opinion about the life my children lead, but nobody has the right to judge," he said. .

The Madrilenian (1933) shared the stage for the last time with Sunday when in 2011 the 70th birthday of the tenor was celebrated at the Royal Theater.

It was the surprise of that night. "Dear Placido," he said, "I was supposed to go out now and sing 'La Traviata' but 'è tardi', as Violeta would say, 'è tardi' in general. Je t'aime, what you have told me so many times before killing me . I love you for how handsome you are, how good you sing and why you are a great person. "

After assuring that he was " the best friend, father and companion", a professional whom his colleagues respect and love equally, Berganza then sang "Marylin Monroe" "Happy Birthday".

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