Girl statues and other exhibitions canceled Verification committee first meeting Aichi Triennale August 16 18:43

Nagoya City, the first committee to verify a series of circumstances on the 16th, was a problem that the exhibition of girls images symbolizing the comfort women issue was canceled at the Aichi Triennale international art festival held in Aichi Prefecture It was opened in

With regard to the Aichi Triennale, the exhibition was canceled three days after the opening, with a series of protests in the corner displaying the image of a girl symbolizing the comfort women issue, with the theme of “impaired expression”.

In Aichi Prefecture, a committee of six experts was established to examine the series of events and the way the art festival using public money was held. The first meeting was held on the 16th.

The meeting explained how the prefecture was canceled from the prefecture, and the committee members said, “It is a very modern problem that reacts to SNS without touching the original intention of the work,” or “ The misconceptions and concerns that the exhibitions that do not fit were canceled by e-mail or fax were raised.

In the future, a forum will be held to hear opinions from artists, management officials, and citizens who participated in the festival, and proposals will be compiled by the end of November.

Mr. Toshio Yamanashi, Director of the National Museum of Art, Tokyo, who was the chairman, said, “I want to examine the background of the document materials held by the administrative staff and the interviews with related parties.”

Robert Campbell Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo “Transparent Deliberation”

About the start of the Aichi Triennale Verification Committee, Robert Campbell, a Japanese literature researcher and emeritus professor at the University of Tokyo, said, “I agree with the prompt establishment of the Verification Committee. I think we should start before the testimony is ambiguous.Please discuss the action of the executive committee of this exhibition, how the politicians or the administrative people moved, and how it was appropriate. I hope that we will be able to communicate “transparency.” The exhibition is still canceled and has not been abolished. And I think we shouldn't create that situation in Japan as the divisions happen all over the world. "