Investor's best-selling writer Satoshi Enomoto passed away on 16 August at 16:34

Satoshi Enomoto, a visiting associate professor at Kyoto University who wrote many bestsellers as an investor and served as a net navigator for NHK news programs, died at a hospital in Tokyo on the 10th of this month. I was 47 years old.

After graduating from the University of Tokyo Law School, Mr. Enomoto worked as an assistant at the University of Tokyo Graduate School and worked for a foreign consulting company to start up new businesses and consult investment projects.

After his independence, he worked as an investor to support young entrepreneurs and revitalize companies. From 2007, he served as a visiting associate professor at the Center for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration, Kyoto University, and how to deal with social issues. I have been working on a class that makes me think.

In addition, in NHK's news program “NEWS WEB 24” that started in 2012, he served as the first net navigator with sociologist Norito Furuichi and journalist Daisuke Tsuda, and “I gave out weapons to you” He wrote many bestsellers such as “I want to” and “All about strategy” and was loved by young people.

Mr. Enomoto was being treated for his illness, but according to Kyoto University, he died at a hospital in Tokyo this afternoon. I was 47 years old.