Elderly welfare facility A woman with dementia in his 80s is left in the pick-up car Ehime Aug. 16 18:14

It turns out that an elderly welfare facility in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture forgot to send a woman in her 80s who received a care service to her home and left it in a car for transportation. Imabari City called on all businesses to pay attention in writing.

According to Imabari City, the staff finds a woman with dementia in their 80s walking alone on the grounds at the day service center “Aki-an” in Yoshikai-cho, Imabari City, around 4:30 pm on this month. It was.

This woman got a nursing care service the day before, and around 3pm, she got on a pick-up car with five other users, but she didn't return home and was looking for her family That is.

When the facility looked at the car drive recorder, it was confirmed that it was not in the woman's home and was left behind in the car.

A female employee in her 40s who had been driving returned to the parking lot, and then entered the garage without checking inside the car.

According to the facility, there is no abnormality in the physical condition of women.

In response to this, Imabari City notified all the companies in the city by reviewing the check system in writing to ensure the safety of users.

Takao Murakami, the director of “Aki-an”, said, “I ’m sorry to have caused a serious accident. We made a checklist for pick-up and worked to prevent the recurrence by bringing other staff members along with driving staff.” It is.