Yoshiko's first official official visit to foreign countries Austria and Hungary August 15th, 11:06

Mr. and Mrs. Akishino's second daughter, Yoshiko, formally decided to make an official visit to Austria and Hungary next month, celebrating the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Japan. This is the first overseas visit of Yoshiko.

According to the Imperial Household Agency, Yoshiko will make an official visit to Austria and Hungary on the 15th to 11th of next month.

Austria and Hungary signed a good trade voyage agreement with Japan in 1869, marking the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

In addition to paying courtesy visits to the presidents in both countries, Yoshiko will be speaking at receptions and dinners commemorating the 150th anniversary.

In Vienna, the Austrian capital, attend the ceremony to complete the restoration of the Japanese garden, which was restored on the occasion of the 150th anniversary, and watch ballet at the Vienna State Opera.

After that, in Hungary, I will return to Japan on the 25th of next month by visiting a ceramic workshop and interacting with students studying Japanese at a local university.

Mr. Yoshiko has been visiting foreign countries for homestays in the United States and short-term studying at a university in the UK.