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The Navy's top secret document that recorded the transition of the incident in minutes for the "26th and 26th Incident" that the young army officers of the army planned a coup before the war ...

The 26th and 26th cases The Navy's top secret document Emperor Showa The case expansion Concerned remarks August 16th 6:13

The Navy's top secret document that recorded the transition of the incident in minutes was discovered about the "26th and 26th Case" where the youth officers of the army planned a coup before the war. It was recorded that Emperor Showa, who was said to have stubbornly pressed down, did not agree with the plan up to the Navy, or made a statement that he was concerned about the expansion of the incident. It is extremely valuable to know the relationship.

This time, on February 26, 1946, army youth officers planned a coup to establish an emperor-centered state and killed nine government officials in the “26th and 26th incident”. The Navy's top secret document that records the transition of the incident in minutes.

Emperor Showa's remarks were recorded as an exchange on the day of the incident with the top of the military command, which oversees the Navy's operations, and the chief of Fushimi Palace.

Emperor Showa wrote “above” and said, “There is no need to join the young officers of the fleet”, and the Navy youth officers may join the army unit that caused the incident to the military commander general. , Showed concern.

In response, the commander-in-chief responded that he would not join, but Emperor Showa instructed that the commander should appoint a person who can hold his subordinates enough about the naval land units dispatched to deal with the incident. , It was written that he had placed an order even for the selection of the commander.

The Emperor Showa has been determined to have stabbed in the 26th and 26th incidents, but from his remarks, he seems to have been concerned about whether the incident will be expanded in line with the plan to the Navy.

Experts point out that this is an extremely valuable resource for understanding the relationship between the Emperor and the military at that time.

Associate professor Hideya Kawanishi of Nagoya University graduate school familiar with the emperor system said, “Emperor Showa felt that the 26/26 incident was a kind of pressure on himself and was worried that there would be similar movements in the Navy. I was a suspicious assassin, but because I was told that I would not join, I was able to confidently and strongly hit the army. ”

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