A bear invades and breaks into the kitchen. A grandmother who lives alone is safe. Iwate August 15, 19:29

At dawn on the 15th, a bear broke into a house in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture, and the kitchen was destroyed. An 87-year-old grandmother who lives alone in this house noticed a bear and escaped to the next house safely.

According to the police and Hanamaki City, bears invaded Hanamaki City's lead houses around 0:30 am on the 15th.
An 87-year-old grandmother lives alone at home.
The grandmother who found a bear standing in front of the kitchen sink evacuated to the next house and was safe.

After that, the grandmother returned home at around 5am on the 15th.

The pots and rice cookers that were in the kitchen were turned over.
You could eat leftovers, boiled fish, and apples. There are traces of bear's hands in the window and it is considered an adult.

The grandmother said, “The bear opened the unlocked door in the evening of yesterday and entered the house. I used firecrackers to drive them away.”

Hanamaki City and the local hunting association believe that the same bears invaded one after another. In addition to trapping the surrounding area, he is patroling and patroling. The site is a mountain village with a lot of information about bear sightings.