"Sagi stopper" distribution to prevent special fraud damage August 15 17:46

A crime prevention device to be attached to the telephone was distributed in Tokyo Tachikawa in order to prevent the damage of special frauds in accordance with the pension payment day in August when the family gathered in Obon.

This is a security device called “sagi stopper” that is attached to the phone, and was developed by the Tachikawa police station and a manufacturer in Tokyo.

Every time you pick up the handset, you hear a voice saying, “Talk about money! Do n’t be fooled!” And not only call attention to the elderly but also psychological pressure on the other party It has been.

On August 15th, the day of pension payment in August when the family gathered in Obon, police officers distributed the equipment to users at JR Tachikawa Station and explained how to use it.

The woman in her 60s said, “I was just going to my old mother's house. I have received a fraudulent phone call, so I want to use it immediately.”

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there were 1839 special frauds in Tokyo by the end of last month, totaling approximately 3.17 billion yen.

Mr. Kiyotaka Oyagi, chief of the Tachikawa Police Department, called out, “Because there are many people who know the existence of special fraud, they are fooled over the phone.