Why don't you think of “Electricity”? August 14, 21:27

The issue that the exhibition of the International Art Festival in Aichi Prefecture was canceled three days after the opening. The reason why the government decided so was a protest called “Dentou”. In the first place, I tried to find out what “electroconvex” is.

“Denpo” is a word that was born on the Internet about 15 years ago, and “telephone charge” seems to have its origin.

Originally, it is an act of ordinary citizens and individuals asking questions about the opinions of government agencies, companies, and the media, and it cannot be blamed for itself. Sometimes I use email instead of the phone.

However, recently, the “Denpo” manual has been shared on the Internet, and there have been a series of cases in which work and events have been canceled due to persistent protests against the target party.

The Aichi Triennale's “Non-Expression Exhibition afterwards” was just one example.

In just two days, approximately 1,400 protest calls and e-mails requesting removal of the image of the girl in question were inundated. Some of them happened to find out the names of the staff and were published online.

The executive committee responded by increasing the number of telephone lines and staff, but it was said that the protest telephones also extended to the prefectural government and supporting companies.

This is the voice of the staff corresponding to “Denpo”.

“I was in a position to listen to opinions on the protest phone, but I was too busy to respond.” “The phone did not stop all day. Who was your request to give your name?” `` I thought it was impossible, I thought that the days of hell were waiting after tomorrow. ''

Under such circumstances, Governor Omura of Aichi Prefecture decided to cancel the exhibition in just three days after the opening because it could not guarantee safety.

Daisuke Tsuda, artistic director of the art festival, says, “Local governments have open phone numbers and email addresses, and there are many contact information. If you are a civil servant, you have to deal with it properly.”

On the other hand, this time, the man who sent a fax threatening that the girl image `` If you do not remove it urgently, I will disturb you with a gasoline carrying can '' is arrested by the police, etc. It became clear that it becomes the object of.

“Electric convex” was re-opened after this problem. We would like to take a closer look at the impact, spread and voices of the parties and think about it.

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