The fans must be aware that the players are the first and last concern is money and guarantee the future, the player is looking for his interest and does not care otherwise, the time of love of the slogan and loyalty to the club and its fans ended from my point of view, because at the moment the player only his goal money, as if in the auction of paying more and this What we see in our league, where several deals concluded in the summer, the strongest in the past five years, the most recent signing with Omar Abdulrahman and Amer Abdulrahman, which caused a sensation in «Social Media», as if the long series ended, especially after the episodes that «Amory» Continuing with Al Hilal, maybe going to Ahli Jeddah, or signing with Al Ahli youth And everyone was surprised by his signature with Al Jazeera, he and his companion trained Amer.

Regardless of his past statements that he will only play for Al Ain in the UAE and other statements, I think that Omar chose his interest, because in a difficult and unenviable situation, how can a star with the weight of Omar Abdurrahman not sign when he is free, which put pressure on «Amouri», who chose Al Jazeera to defend its slogan is a new challenge, and I believe that «Amouri» will succeed with «pride of Abu Dhabi», because he has the determination and determination, and this year of life to lose your fans, and win new fans.

Anger at the beginning was great on the part of the Saudi crescent on his management, after they demanded the renewal of the contract «Amory», and in the same context anger towards «Amory» by the masses of Al Ain, especially in «Twitter», because the majority expected to be the destination «Amouri »Coming back to his club Al Ain .. That was not!

Many are signings and assignments, an indication that we are in front of an exceptional season, and perhaps the strongest in the era of professionalism, our league is fun when the competition from more than one team, and there are bumps and obstacles, strong and self-long able to resolve the league championship, and most of the clubs ready according to statements And that the camps were successful by all accounts, where the win was the ally of most clubs, and this may be negative, and scenarios of the past seasons.

Overall, we are optimistic about a strong season, as the readiness is present for all teams, and success for all, and there are strong names left our league, good names came, and we wish success to all clubs, and also to the success of the representatives of the country in foreign benefits.

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Amouri chose his interest because he is in a difficult and unenviable position.