Was it made in the time of Hideyoshi Ishigaki of Nagahama Castle Ruins Shiga August 14 18:09

A survey of the city found that the remains of stone walls found at the site of Nagahama Castle in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture were likely to have been created at the time when Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Kazutoyo Yamauchi were the castle owners. Nagahama Castle has no evidence other than literature about the time of construction and the castle owner at that time, and experts say that it is an “important achievement supporting the literature”.

Nagahama Castle was built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi around 440, about 440 years ago, and then the lord, Kazutoyo Yamauchi, became a castle lord. About 40 years after the castle was built, it was abandoned by the Tokugawa family who won the Osaka team. It has been.

However, this is all based on literature, and since most of the materials were used for the construction of Hikone Castle when it was abandoned, there is almost no remains left, and the time of the castle and the castle owner are clear. No evidence has been found.

Under such circumstances, an excavation conducted by Nagahama City from March to last month found the remains of a stone wall over 4.5 meters from a part of the castle ruins.

Since stones are of different sizes and types and the technique of breaking stones with a wedge is not used, it is estimated that the stone walls were created when Hideyoshi and Kazutoyo were the castle owners.

This is the first discovery of a ruin that can analyze the time and structure of Nagahama Castle.

Professor Nakai of Shiga Prefectural University, who specializes in archeology, said, “This is an important achievement that supports the content of the literature that Hideyoshi and Kazutoyo were the main castles. "