Two drunk young men torment "Dick Heather" before killing him

German police today issued an appeal for possible eyewitnesses to testify in the incident involving two drunken youths after a brutal killing of a rare bird in a forest, police said.

By News Staff German police issued a plea on Wednesday after a brutal killing of a rare bird in a forest demanding that potential witnesses testify in the incident involving two drunk youths.

A police spokesman said there was evidence of pedestrians watching or photographing the crime.

The authorities are investigating the 20 and 22-year-olds for torture and animal killings and a possible violation of the Species Protection Act.

The two young men killed a species of endangered bird in Germany, "Heather cock" on the sidelines of a popular ceremony in a village in the Black Forest in southwestern Germany on Saturday.

According to police data, the two young men were drunk. According to the boys' data, the bird attacked them and had to kill him in self-defense. They were then assaulted by ten individuals.

Young men may face up to three years' imprisonment or a fine.

Because Heather's cock is classified as endangered in Germany, the Animal Protection Act prohibits killing him without good cause.

ref: emara