Some men use power to get sex. Some women use sex to gain power. Some powerful men interested in getting sex shouldn't even use

Some men use power to get sex. Some women use sex to gain power. Some powerful men interested in obtaining sex should not even use their power, it is said to use in the most usurious sense possible: it is enough for them not to hide it . The same thing happens to some inexorable women. I mean that the gods or goddesses seduce and subdue many times without intending to. When one of Placido Domingo's accusers is justified by saying that God cannot be given a no, he adds fascination to blackmail . In this plot, which explains and obscures human behavior, ambushes of variable immorality occur. To get sex, men can promise to be able to work - work, marriage, money - and not keep their promise. To gain power, women can promise sex, and not. This explains La Calandria immortal: "And as soon as he was free, he flew, flew, flew."

Since the week-olds began to organize themselves with the support of a purely macartist press, there is news from time to time of men who have used their power to obtain sex. There is strikingly no news of women who have used their sex to gain power. The reasons are hard to find out. One possible is the terrifying hetero-patriarchal culture that makes it difficult for a man - a different case is that of the sparrows - to present himself as a poor victim. Another is that men oppose less resistance to granting power in exchange for sex than women do sex in exchange for power . I suspect that the number of agreements is greater in the first transaction: there are women who present a common disinterest in sex and frankly desperate power for every good male. The third is that men can become extraordinarily tired, often pathetic in their slimy insistence on women. The fourth, last but non least , is that there is more sex available than power .

Despite the objective difficulties it would be an act of realism that began to emerge stories about women who climbed any tree using unspecified merits in the trunk. Among other reasons because behind a man who gives power for sex there is the same as behind a woman who gives vice versa: a discriminated third or third who was not enough with his talent. Hence, the step-sisters must now move on to a second phase of their general adjustment of accounts, which is the denunciation of the fifth gender column.

The rest of the discussion is about crimes and only the legal tool should discern it.

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