Obon direct hit 15th Impact on transportation (railroad, sky, highway) August 14 22:32

Due to the impact of Typhoon No. 10, on the 15th, Sanyo Shinkansen and conventional lines will stop driving all day long, and the number of flights will be canceled one after another. The main impact of each transportation system is as follows.


[Sanyo Shinkansen]
JR West will stop operating the Sanyo Shinkansen all day on the top and bottom lines between Shin-Osaka and Kokura on the 15th.

Between Kokura and Hakata, it means that the number of trains is reduced to about one per hour for both the upper and lower lines.

The 16th driving of the Sanyo Shinkansen will be announced at 6pm on the 15th.

[Tokaido Shinkansen]
On the 15th, JR Tokai will stop direct operation with the Sanyo Shinkansen from the first train on the Tokaido Shinkansen, and will return to Tokyo and Shin-Osaka.

Along with this, 55 flights, which are about 13% of the total, will be suspended, mainly on direct flights to the Sanyo Shinkansen.

Specific driving plans are as follows: ▽ Downbound from Tokyo from 8 am to 4 pm, ▽ Upbound Shin-Osaka from 15 am from 10 am to 7 pm It means to drive with 7 Nozomi, 2 Hikari and 2 Kodama.

In addition, on the 16th and 17th, we decided to drive 10 cars, including the temporary Nozomi.

[Kyushu Shinkansen]
On the 15th, the Kyushu Shinkansen will cease direct operation with the Sanyo Shinkansen, reducing the number from the first train.

According to JR Kyushu, the number of cars will be reduced to about 3 per hour between Hakata and Kumamoto, and about 2 per hour between Kumamoto and Kagoshima Chuo.

[JR East Shinkansen]
According to JR East, at this time, there is no plan to cancel or postpone the Shinkansen in the JR East jurisdiction, but we are calling to check the latest operation status on our website.

Conventional line

[JR West Japan Conventional Line]
JR West has decided to cancel driving on the 15th for all conventional lines in Okayama, Hiroshima and Yamaguchi Prefecture.

[JR Shikoku]
On the 15th, JR Shikoku will stop driving on all routes including the Seto Ohashi Line from the first train to the entire day.

[JR East]
According to JR East, at present, there are no plans to cancel or forgo the operation of conventional lines within the JR East jurisdiction. However, we have stopped driving on the sleeper express that connects Tokyo Station with Takamatsu Station and Izumo-shi Station, which departs on the night of the 14th.

Also, depending on the course of the typhoon in the future, there is a risk of suspension or delay, and we are calling to check the latest operation status on the website.

Empty flights

On the 15th, 549 domestic flights have been canceled.

Cancellations have been decided mainly on flights connecting Haneda and various parts of western Japan.
▽ Japan Airlines 171 flights ▽ All Nippon Airways 128 flights ▽ Skymark 78 flights ▽ Jetstar 44 flights ▽ Peach Aviation 36 flights ▽ Japan Air Commuter 25 flights ▽ Solaside Air 24 flights ▽ Fuji Dream Airlines 14 flights ▽ Star Flyer 9 flights ▽ Air Dou 8 flights ▽ AirAsia Japan 8 flights ▽ Japan Transocean Air 2 flights ▽ Spring Airlines Japan 2 flights.

Depending on the course of the typhoon, the impact may spread further, and airlines are calling for the latest information.


On the Shikoku Expressway, there will be some sections that will be closed.

According to expressway companies, the next section is expected to be closed from 6 am to noon on the 15th.
▽ Vertical line between Ozu Hokuto Interchange on Matsuyama Expressway and Seiyo Uwa Interchange ▽ Vertical line between Ino Interchange and Tosa Interchange on Kochi Expressway.

The three routes connecting Honshu and Shikoku may also be closed.

Among these, ▽ Nishi Seto Expressway connecting Ehime and Hiroshima, known as “Shimami Kaido”, may be closed in some sections after 11 am on the 15th, and may be closed in all sections after 4 pm There is.

In addition, the Seto Chuo Expressway connecting Kagawa and Okayama will be closed in some sections after 4 am on the 15th, and may be closed in all sections after 1 am on the 16th.

In addition, Kobe Awaji Naruto Expressway connecting Tokushima and Hyogo will be closed in some sections after 5:00 am on the 15th, and may be closed in all sections after 2 pm.