To the typhoon landing The impact on the Shinkansen, empty flights, and expressways was 10:15 on August 14

With the approach of Typhoon No. 10, the transportation of the Bon Festival has been greatly affected.


JR West announced that the Sanyo Shinkansen may be postponed on the 15th, depending on future typhoon conditions.

According to JR West, the detailed operation plan will be announced at 11:00 am on the 14th.

According to JR Tokai, the Tokaido Shinkansen may be operated with a reduced number of trains on the 15th, centering on trains directly connected to the Sanyo Shinkansen.

The detailed operation plan will be announced at 1 pm on the 14th.

Conventional line

JR Kyushu express train is
▽ The limited express Nichirin connecting Kokura to Miyazaki Airport will be suspended in some sections after 2pm and in all sections after 3pm.
▽ Limited Express Nichirin Seagaia from Hakata to Miyazaki Airport will be suspended in some sections after 3pm.
▽ The limited express Hyuga running in Miyazaki Prefecture will be suspended in some sections from the first train and after 9 pm in all sections.
▽ The limited express Kirishima connecting Miyazaki Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture will be suspended in all sections after 2 pm, except for some trains.
▽ The limited express Kaiyuki Yamayuki running in Miyazaki Prefecture will be suspended throughout the entire day.

Empty flights

On the 14th, 166 domestic flights are scheduled to be canceled, mainly for flights to and from Kyushu.

According to the airlines, the cancellation on 14th was decided at 5am on the 14th.
▽ 62 flights centered on flights departing from and arriving in Miyazaki ▽ Japan Airlines commuter connecting 41 flights between Kagoshima and Yakushima ▽ 34 flights arriving from and to Miyazaki ▽ ANA flights arriving at 16 flights connecting Miyazaki and Haneda ▽ Skymark , 5 flights connecting Kagoshima and Kobe etc. ▽ 4 flights connecting Jetstar between Miyazaki and Narita ▽ 2 flights connecting Peach Aviation between Miyazaki and Kansai ▽ Vanilla Air is connecting 2 flights between Narita and Amami Oshima.

According to aviation companies, there are concerns that there may be more cancellations over a wide area in Western Japan, and we are calling for the latest information on the company's website.


On the highway, the U-turn rush of those who spent their days in their hometown and resort area is expected to peak on the 14th.

There has been no impact from typhoons so far, but expressway companies are calling to check the latest information as there is a possibility that it will be closed due to the approach of the typhoon.