According to them, the task set by Facebook “shocked freelancers” who were not provided with information about how the company acquired the records.

Employees listened to conversations of users, sometimes obscene content, but did not know why Facebook needs to be decrypted, agency sources say.

It is noted that Facebook confirmed the information about the decryption of the records, however, it was clarified that they had stopped decrypting the audio messages “more than a week ago”.

The company representative also added that users whose messages were heard agreed to decrypt their speech in the Messenger app for Facebook.

“Contractors checked the decoding of (voice) messages using Facebook artificial intelligence,” the corporation explained.

Earlier it became known that Google employees listen to voice commands that users give smart dynamics to Google Home or the Google Assistant application. Subsequently, the notes are transmitted to experts and linguists who are familiar with the nuances and accents of a particular language.