The United Arab Emirates will participate in the 13th edition of the Okaz Souk Festival, which will be held in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

The UAE is attending the festival with a huge pavilion supervised and organized by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, in partnership with the UAE Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

The pavilion offers a wide range of cultural and heritage topics and interactive activities that showcase the richness of the cultural and civilizational heritage of the UAE community, including the intangible heritage inscribed on the UNESCO World Humanitarian Heritage List, the Razaf and Yawla reviews, as well as the culinary arts inspired by the Emirati folk cuisine and the origins of Hospitality and serving Arabic coffee with its Emirati flavor.

Depth of relationships

The UAE participation in the Okaz Souk Festival reflects the deep historical and cultural ties between the peoples of the Arabian Peninsula. In the past, the Okaz Souk was an all-inclusive event with many cultural, social and economic events and political meetings of senior Arab leaders.

In this era, Okaz market continues its mission and function as a major event reminiscent of the heritage of the UAE and the common culture with the brothers in Saudi Arabia, and the two countries of the elements of civilization united.

The participation is part of the UAE's keenness on its cultural and heritage presence in many regional and international events.It also reflects the ministry's commitment to consolidate the country's position on the global cultural map, celebrating local heritage and sharing it with other brotherly and friendly peoples around the world.

An ancient occasion

The Okaz Souk is one of the most important cultural, heritage and economic events in the Arabian Peninsula. It originated centuries ago in the pre-Islamic era. The Okaz market retained its status as an annual gathering of Arab tribal leaders and elders, poets, major traders, and the general public. Poetry competitions, commercial markets, equestrian competitions and fencing were held.

Modern Saudi Arabia was interested in reviving these kinds of historical cultural events and sought to develop them. The Okaz Souk was transformed into a cultural and literary festival that attracts more than 800,000 visitors annually to celebrate the ancient and modern Arab cultural heritage through art exhibitions, museum exhibitions, works of art and photography, and workshops. And a wide range of shops, restaurants and cafes.

The 13th edition of the Okaz Souk Festival hosts 11 Arab countries, which share their cultural and social heritage in the Arab neighborhood, which includes several pavilions, including the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Okaz Souk is one of the most important cultural, heritage and economic events in the Arabian Peninsula.


An Arab country shares its cultural and social heritage in the Arab neighborhood of Okaz market.